Welcome to the new version of SecurNews!

Since the launch of the website in 2008, this is the largest transformation of the website. We restart to new bases since we have reviewed the mission of SecurNews.

Content production

From now on, we will not only do aggregation of news as we do it. We will also produce contents.

With the expertise we have, some of the content will be fully automated. We have used this approach for other websites for a few months and it works very well. For readers, there will be no difference between content produced by a script and a product by an author.

Other content will be produced by authors using partial content produced with the help of automation. Finally, some content will be produced completely by the authors.

Content aggregation

We have also put in place new processes to improve content aggregation. Result: we will be able to record articles according to new themes and characteristics.
For example: it will be possible to record articles presenting opinions of various authors on a subject. By grouping these articles, readers can make or improve their own opinion on the subject!

SecurNews Magazines

In the previous version of SecurNews, we had various security news pages based on a topic. We have removed these pages from contents.

From now on, the curation of our contents according to a topic will be carried out in Flipboard magazines.

Flipboard is a news aggregator available in web mode or as a mobile application running Android, IOS or Windows 10.

The interface of the Flipboard app is nice and user-friendly for reading content. It is for these reasons that we have abandoned web pages to the detriment of magazines.

In conclusion

The new version of SecurNews is completely different from the previous version with a new platform facilitating content production, enhanced curation through new optimized processes and improved consultation interfaces. We hope you enjoy all these changes.